Blue Design offer affordable 3D rendered images & animations for the advertising engineering and product design markets.

    All our 3D renderings and animations are produced to a very high standard by professional 3D artists and animators. We can produce these 3D rendered images and animations from 2D dwg plans, sketches or even import your 3d files from a wide range of CAD programs like Rhino, Solidworks etc...We use V-Ray for Rhino as our preffered rendering solution but have experience in 3D Max, Maxwel Render and other rendering software.



3D Animations

    Blue Design produces 3D animations, and digital simulations for use in Advertising, Web Content, Product-Design and Engineering.

    3D animations and architectural walkthroughs are an extremely effective means of explaining an idea, product or invention to possible consumers, clients, investors etc.

    3D animations give you the ability to clearly explain your idea and help others to visualise the completed project or finished product. All our 3D animations and simulations are produced to a very high standard by professional animators.